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Kasey Mammone is known as “the field hockey goalie extraordinaire” and grew up in the small city of Leominster, Massachusetts. Kasey Mammone has always been a very athletic person, and has always enjoyed participating in sports. She decided to try out for field hockey her freshman year at Leominster High School and found a passion that she loved to do. Nothing could stop her from there.

Being the quiet girl she is, trying something new was very outside of her comfort zone. When Kasey volunteered to try goalie, she had no idea what she had gotten into; now she understood why no one wanted to try it.  She made the freshman team which was very exciting for her. Halfway into the season, she got pulled up to junior varsity, which was even more of an accomplishment.

The next season, Kasey was very excited to see how much she has improved. She attended many camps and worked hard to become a better goalie. Once try outs came along, Kasey found out that she made the varsity team as a sophomore. That was very rare in her town. Kasey worked hard every practice by improving on her motion skills, hand eye coordination, and agility. She ended up having an amazing season; her team made it to the quarterfinals of districts, the farthest her team had gone in a long time.

Junior year, Kasey had been named an all-star in the Telegram and Gazette, and a league all-star. Kasey had never accomplished something like that before. She was so proud of everything that she accomplished that year. Senior year, Kasey was named captain of the team; she had many shut-outs and continued to improve.

Kasey had gained a lot of confidence both in the sport and outside of it. She had learned that trying new things was not always a bad idea. Kasey learned how to take control of the field and figured out some life lessons. As she continues to experience new things in her life she will know to give it some time to get good at it. Nothing comes easy at first and it takes a lot of practice to become good at something that you love.

Now that Kasey has finished participating in competitive sports, she is now focusing on her career plans. Kasey had found a passion for special education the summer going into her sophomore year. While getting a job at a local summer camp she had been chosen to work with the special needs children from ages five to fourteen. She was a little nervous at first but as the summer went on she knew that was where she wanted to be. Kasey learned a lot about how the children interacted with each other, who worked well with each other, and who did not.

Aside from participating in sports, and focusing on her studies Kasey really enjoys being with her two parents and younger brother who is fourteen.

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