A Class That Matters

This semester we worked on different types on writing varying from a rhetorical analysis, to a proposal, to an application essay. They all revolved around a “big idea” which was the main focus of each piece. Every piece had some type of quality that would help us to develop different pieces when we are writing for a career in the future.

A rhetorical analysis helped us in ways that were not very obvious. When you do a rhetorical analysis you have to think about how the work is written not what it is about. It made us more aware of what a “good” piece of work is versus a “bad” piece. It also showed what you should be focusing on more and what people pick up on. Being able to revise other peoples work in class was interesting in this aspect. Someone could have noticed something about a paper that you would have never picked up on. It was interesting to see what other people thought that a writer did well versus what people thought was not needed.

While writing a proposal we had to pick a common problem that needed to be fixed and have a realistic solution. During this project we had to think of benefits that would give the company or person an incentive to actually fixing this problem. For example the problem that freshmen residents are not allowed to have cars on campus because of a lack of space. The proposal was to have more parking lots and space for the cars to park. There were many benefits for the college to be able to get more money from this idea. This will help us in a future career because we learned how to make the proposal benefit a company, which would make it more likely to be approved.

An application essay helped in many different ways. College is extremely expensive so people need to apply for scholarships regularly; the applications ask you to write an essay about a given topic. No one was really taught how to right one well and what components needed to be included. Doing one in class was helpful because we got to read other peoples work and compare what someone else had and you maybe didn’t have. This helped with our future because job applications usually ask for a written piece and it is important to know what you should talk about and what should be left out.

Every piece helped us learn different writing styles and different components that should be included in one and not included in another. While writing all of these over the semester no one really realized that every piece that we did was important in its own way.


A Class That Matters

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