Students Need Their Cars!

Dear Mr. President Frederick W. Clark,

I am writing to express my concern about freshman not being able to have a car while living on campus. If freshmen residents were allowed to have cars on campus the universities economics will improve greatly and the overall happiness of parents and students will increase.

College is a big adjustment for new freshman. It is their first time really living on their own and being away from home. Some students need that freedom to be able to go back home whenever they need to or want to, not whenever their parents can pick them up.

Some students do better with the big adjustment when they are able to go home on the weekends. If students did not have to arrange times to be picked up just to go home for the weekend it would be a lot easier to go home and regroup when they would need to. Having a familiar place to study and get work done is helpful at times to be a successful student.

Students come from all over the place to attend your college. Not every parent can just drive twenty minutes down the road and be able to pick up their children. If students were allowed to have a car, then parents would be a lot more satisfied and less stressed out about rides.

Having a car on campus would help out a lot when we leave for breaks. For winter break we need to be out of the dorms on Friday by five o’clock. Parents usually work close to that time so it is not easy for students to get a ride home. If freshmen were able to have a car on campus they could just leave once their final was over with out any problems or stress.

Family is important to a lot of students our age. It is important to be able to see your family and be able to attend family events such as birthday parties, weekend vacations, or just family dinners. With the freedom of having a car on campus it would be a lot easier to get home for these important times.

Another benefit would be that students get to go and work when they are able to go home on the weekends. College is very expensive especially when you are a resident. Students quit their jobs in order to go off to college, which leaves them with a limited budget for food and other extra purchases. It is not easy to get a job on campus, so just being able to go home and work a couple shifts on the weekends makes a difference.

I understand that it will cost a lot of money and space for the university, but if we charged for a parking pass for the semester or year, that money will be earned back within a couple of years.

A parking tenant would be required to check if a person has a parking pass or not. If there is not one then the university could give out tickets, which would be another way to earn that money back. In the long run the university will benefit from having parking spaces designated for freshman.

If freshman had a place to keep their car I believe that there would be an improvement in the universities economics and overall happiness of students and parents.

Thank you for your consideration,

Kasey Mammone


Students Need Their Cars!

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