Standardized Tests…Why Bother?

Many young adults stay up countless nights, full of stress and studying, to prepare for a standardized test. The real question is, does it accurately determine how smart you are and where you should be placed for a class or determine if you get a job or not? Standardized tests are not an accurate way to evaluate somebodies ability to succeed in a class or in a career.

Standardized tests began in imperial China and it was used to determine one’s eligibility for positions in the government of the ruling class, according to Concordia Online Education in an article called Do Standardized Tests Show an Accurate View of Students’ Ability. Alfred Binet developed the IQ test, which was used to determine positions in World War One for the new recruitments. In 1926 the College Board invented the SAT. It is used to test vocabulary, analogies, and math.

According to the Washington Post in an article called Study says Standardized Testing is Overwhelming Nation’s Public Schools by Lyndsey Layton, a typical student takes about 112 standardized tests between the years of kindergarten and twelfth grade. Most of those tests are taken during the eighth grade year, which equals out to about 25.3 hours of testing. This statistic shows that too much time is being spent on standardized tests.

The tests are not effective because teachers are spending too much time trying to teach the kids how to take a test when they should be spending time on the curriculum, according to Concordia Online Education. If teachers are spending too much time trying to teach how to take a test, the kids will not understand the material of what is actually on the test. This way of teaching will not allow future generations to succeed because they wont remember what they were tested on, they will only remember how they took the test.

Standardized testing is ineffective because it only tests a student on one day. If a student stayed up all night because of family problems or something else going on in their family, that can affect the persons testing. The tests only score you on what you did on that piece of paper. Some people can be extremely smart but do not test well. That should not determine if they graduate or where they can get into college to further their education.

The tests are also used to evaluate the teachers. According to the Washington Post in an article called 11 Problems Created by the Standardized Testing Obsession by Valerie Strauss, the Obama administrations “Race to the Top” tells the states to use the test scores to evaluate the teachers performance. It does not make sense that if some kids have other things going on in their lives and they do badly on a test, it is not all the teacher’s fault. Teachers should be evaluated in different ways not by standardized tests.

Standardized tests have put too much pressure on children ages’ from kindergarten to twelfth grade. More natural factors should be included to determine if a person passes and continues on to the next grade.

Standardized Tests…Why Bother?

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