It’s a Bike, It’s a Skateboard…It’s a Segway Board?

You are walking to your first class of the day; people on skateboards, bikes, scooter20150605_101852_003_larges, and busses are passing you. You continue to walk but are wishing there was a different way to get to class. Someone speeds by you on this new item. It looks like a Segway but it does not have any handlebars. The semester goes on and more people are getting these cool new boards. These hands free Segway boards are a new way to get around campus without walking.

Hands free Segway boards are a fun and exciting way of getting around. They come in many different styles and colors. The most popular type that you would most likely see is the board with seven-inch wheels. They can also come with ten-inch wheels and another model even has blue tooth speakers so you can listen to music while you ride.

The board is created to charge fast. The charge lasts about an average of about eleven miles before it needs to be charged again. The average speed is about eight miles per hour. Most of the boards can hold up to 220 pounds. But of course they do not run cheap, they range anywhere from $355 to $1,799. According to, a website with all information about the Segway boards.

Ashaley Zaniboni, a freshman at Bridgewater State University, describes what riding a hover board is like. “It was very hard to balance on. I couldn’t stand up straight I don’t know how people do it around campus.” She says with a worried look on her face. “It is hard to turn but this was only my first time riding one. I think that with practice it will become easier to ride and it could possibly be a new way of transportation.”

Seven out of ten students that were interviewed believe that hover boards are going to become a new way of transportation. Vanessa Spring, a student at Bridgewater State University, states “I have started to see a lot more people on campus using these new boards. They seem really cool but I would be scared to use one. I give a lot of credit to these people that are riding them to and from classes.”

Karen Mammone, a barber in the city of Leominster Massachusetts, states her concern. “I used to see kids walking home from the high school every day, now I seem a couple of them on these hover boards. They seem to be replacing bikes and all the other so called old school ways to get around.” Mammone is concerned about the physical effects that this could have on kids.

The question is how could this be beneficial for people if they are trying to get physical activity in? Most people that have these Segway boards are going to be riding them instead of walking to their destination. According to Andy Clarke, a writer for planetizen, expressed that these boards will be another reason for people to get outside and get fresh air. People will be learning to use the boards instead of sitting inside. Which will lead to more physical activity among the society.

The hands free Segway boards could very well become a popular way of transportation in colleges and cities in the world.Its

It’s a Bike, It’s a Skateboard…It’s a Segway Board?

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