One Man Can Change The City

Robert Salvatelli has made an impact on Leominster Massachusetts in his last seventy-four years of living there. He has been involved in many different organizations such as teaching, being a principal, being on the city council, and starting an organization called “Karens Closet” which donates supplies to the less fortunate. While being a part of all these great things, he still managed the time to raise a wonderful family.

Being one hundred percent Italian, one can already tell what kind of personality my grandfather has. His loud voice and strong opinion has shaped him into the revolutionary man that he is today.

He has been on the city council for the last sixteen years and is wrapping up his last one now. He had made many accomplishments in his time that have helped the city improve. One of the projects that he is most proud of is being a part of the purchase of over 1000 acres of land for different recreation activities that anyone can use.

Salvatelli also had the opportunity to Chair the Finance committee, which he explained as a “powerful” position that would make the recommendations to the city. He contributed to the building of a new library and schools for the children.

Most people would wonder what accomplishment he would be most proud of. His answer was that “I am very proud to represent my family in the community”. Salvatelli was also on the city council with his brother John Salvatelli.

“I am very proud that my family can represent the city in this way.” He said with a smile on his face.

Salvatelli’s wife Linda was also very proud of him. Being married to Robert for fifty years, Linda learned a lot about the city. She understood that he made a commitment to represent the city and she has been nothing but supportive of him the last sixteen years.

“Bobby has learned a lot about how the city works and what needs to be changed. He has become more of an independent man from this experience,” Linda said. They have both learned to appreciate every little thing that goes into making the city so wonderful.

Robert Salvatelli’s daughter Karen Mammone is also very supportive of his involvement. She has watched him over the years become more educated with how the city runs.

She said “if my dad was never on the city council I would not have had such a big interest in politics or the city that we live in. I now appreciate how the city runs and I understand the problems that need to be fixed to make it a better place.” She explains, “My dad has always loved to help people in any way that he can. I think being on the city council was something he loved because of how many people he helped at once.”

Robert said, “I have learned a lot about the city. I learned the valuable lessons about how a city runs and how it deals with a certain budget. After many years I would have to say that most importantly, I learned how to become a trustworthy person. In order to continue to get elected for sixteen years people need to trust you. This experience shaped me into a more trustworthy person and I think that it what I can take away most.”

One Man Can Change The City

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