The Final Decision

April was slowly coming to an end. It was a cool spring day; I was sitting around the round dinner table with my family. The everlasting question came up once again.

“Kase, you need to make a decision, where do you want to go to school?” my parents asked for about the 300th time. We needed to send in a deposit so I was cutting it kind of close.

I was given a piece of lined paper and a blue pen. My body filled with confusion. Why did my parents give me this paper? They looked at me expecting me to know what they wanted me to do.

“What is this for?” I asked.

“Make a pro and con list about the schools you are deciding between, time is running out.” My dad answered me, he had those wrinkles on his face when he raised his eyebrows, I knew he meant business.

I had a short list of four schools that I needed to pick from. I had gotten accepted to everywhere that I applied so that made it a little harder. When I was applying to schools I knew that I wanted to get away from Leominster. I did not want to be anywhere near that place. I needed a new start, new friends, and no parents around. So with my pen and paper in hand, I began to write.

I made a chart that consisted of Bridgewater State, Fitchburg State, Westfield State, and Franklin Pierce. Each section was broken into two columns, one was pros and one was cons.

I started with Bridgewater I learned that the teaching program was really good. I thought that it was the perfect distance from my house, about an hour and a half; I could go home whenever I wanted to and I could live there too. It looked like a nice campus and I could see myself living there.

Next was Fitchburg. It was really close to my house, about ten minuets, so it wouldn’t be that logical to live there, the teaching program was awesome, the campus was pretty, but I really wanted that “college life” experience. I didn’t think that Fitchburg would be able to provide that for me.

Westfield state was pretty far for my liking at about two hours away from my house. The campus was nice but I didn’t really hear much about the teaching program. There was not really anything to do around campus. I felt kind of stranded.

Franklin Pierce was really nice but I thought that it was small. The teaching program was not that great. It didn’t make sense to pay out-of-state tuition for that school.

From my list I had concluded that Bridgewater State would be the best fit for me at that point in time. The answer was pretty clear, my body let out a sigh of relief. I finally knew where I would be going to school. I would finally have an answer when people asked where I was going to go.

The Final Decision

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