What Does Hard Work Mean to You?

Write about a time when “hard work” paid off. In 250 words or less.

As I have grown up I have really started to understand the meaning of hard work. Many different experiences have led me to believe how hard work really pays off. The most important experience is the one that shaped me into who I am today.

I remember walking into the first day of field hockey tryouts in August of freshman year. I had worked hard all summer in order to get in shape and try to learn the sport of field hockey. I decided to try out for being a goalie.

When I saw my name on the freshman team list, I felt a little disappointment. I wanted to be on JV not the typical freshman team. As the season went on, the coach pulled me aside and said that they needed me for the JV team. I was extremely nervous but this was my chance. I did really well that game. They kept me on both the JV and freshman team. Now I had an opportunity to get better and work my way up varsity.

The next summer I attended camps and clinics that would make me a better goalie. August came back around and my name was on the varsity list as a sophomore. I was so excited. I had finally understood what hard work meant. I learned that if you keep working at a goal you would achieve it.

What Does Hard Work Mean to You?

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