Star of the Field to the Stage

The article “Sam Hunt: a Former College Football Star is Making over Country Music” by Nick Murry, is an informative article about how Sam Hunt became famous in the musical industry. The author has a tone that he uses to make the article informative.

Murry shows specific examples about how Sam Hunt had to overcome many different challenges to achieve his goal of becoming a singer. The article is informative because it tells about his career and what he did to get to where he is today. He says that while Sam Hunt attended University of Alabama he never saw himself as a musician, which gives the audience an idea about who he is.

Sam Hunt was a star quarterback at Alabama. He said that he just bought a guitar to “kill some time” during the summer. He never had any intentions of becoming so successful. Murry is showing how his music career started. No one else on the football team was interested in music as much as Sam Hunt was. He felt distant from the football team.

The personality of this article is very upbeat. There is nothing that would make anyone sad or upset. It tells about how his career became successful not about the set backs that he experienced. It stands out because it tells about how Sam Hunt transformed from a star football player to a star musician.

This article keeps the audience engaged because it informs us about his success. When the article was finished it leaves you with the impression of how much of a hard worker Sam Hunt is. It shows how he does not give up even when things do not go his way.

Murry writes this article in a way to inform the audience about Sam Hunt. He uses different examples varying from quotes that Sam Hunt said, to his personal experiences leading him to become an artist. The reader gets a better understanding of the article when examples are added to the text.

The author uses quotations that Sam Hunt had said. In the last paragraph he is describing his goals. He says “You want to stand out and be unique and do something different” that ties the whole article together. It is a strong statement that explains Sam Hunt and the tone of the whole article. The voice and personality is both upbeat and close. It made the audience feel like they were having a conversation with Sam Hunt.

Murry, Nick. “Sam Hunt: a Former College Football Star is Making Over Country Mucic” Rolling Stone 26 February 2015: 1-12 Print.

Star of the Field to the Stage

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