Becoming a Writer

Writing is not something that I have ever been good at. In the past month at college, I have been taking a class called writing rhetorically. During this class I have learned new strategies to improve my writing and made myself more confident with people reading my work.

During my writing class we have had a couple assignments and so far they all have been different. Our first assignment was a professional biography. My process included creating an outline of what I wanted to say. I find that makes it easier to create the paper.

Our next assignment was about Lady Gaga and how she appealed to both young and old audiences. That was not hard because we had it right in front of us and we were able to look back at the text. We had to use specific examples to prove our point.

The most recent paper that we had was about an experience that shaped us into the writer that we are today. I found that easy to write about but it was hard to go back and pick a specific moment in time. I had finally come up with a point in time that went back to sophomore year in creative writing.

My papers have not been very strong so I didn’t appreciate anything that I spent time writing on. I didn’t get that good of grades on my papers. I never fully understood what to write about. This class changed that so far, I have gotten decent grades on my papers. I have enjoyed how some of the topics were about us and not research.

It is easier for me to write about myself instead of having a subject that I need to research about. I really disliked writing about Lady Gaga because it was such a short passage it was hard to meet the length requirement. The only information that I had on Lady Gaga was the article that was given to us.

Our class has been taught some important things about writing. In class we mostly go over revising which helps us when it comes to writing our papers. Now when I am writing, I think about what other people see and not just what I see. I now know what to look for when I am reading other peoples work. I learned to revise as a reader not a teacher.

I have completed these assignments by researching about the topic. I then make an outline in both my head first then I transfer it onto paper. I have realized that making an outline is really helpful and makes my writing more clear.

My gaps in my work usually occur when I don’t completely understand the topic that we have to write about. I learned that I could go to the professor for further clarification. Also I can try different organizers and see what ones work better for me. Also I will take the advice given during peer revision groups and apply it to my own work.

I did not think that writing rhetorically would end up being a class that I do not mind going to. Besides the time consuming prompts that we get every week, this class has helped me a lot with growing into a successful writer. I have overcome my hard time in writing. I have gained more confidence in my work and I hope to continue growing as a writer.

Becoming a Writer

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