Writing Changed Me

Writing never really came that easy to me. Every class it was the same thing, a basic five-paragraph essay with an introduction, three main points, and a conclusion. I never had the chance to get creative with it. It was all just basic facts that I had to write about with my opinion, which was never really that interesting or different than anyone else’s.

Every assignment I asked myself the same questions. “How was I supposed to make this sound good enough for a passing grade? How was I supposed to make it long enough? What is the prompt even asking me?” All of these questions ran through my head when a paper was assigned. I never felt comfortable with my people reading my papers or if I had to present it to the class. I just never felt that it would ever be good enough.

Sophomore year of high school I began to realize that writing wasn’t all that bad. I had this really different teacher; Mr. Lane, he never really had any rules. Anything was fine for him as long as you did it. He taught my creative writing class. At the beginning of the semester I thought I was in for an awful time. As the semester went on I started to think that writing wasn’t all that bad.

My teacher had this really weird way of doing things. He would give us a topic to write about but that’s about it. There were never any guidelines or specifications that we needed to follow. I was a little nervous at first but then I started to get the hang of things. It all started to tie together.

Over the course of the semester we did a lot of different activities to think of ideas that wouldn’t normally come into our mind. I remember one where we had to write down a list of things that we did like and a list of things that we did not enjoy that much. It was really interesting to see what other people had in common with you. Whenever we got stuck on a subject to write about he would tell us to use the list. We used that the whole semester and it always helped.

As we started to get more into the year I began to gain more confidence. I ended up sharing some of my papers to the class, letting other people read it and help me edit it, and I didn’t really care what I wrote about. I was able to learn new skills that I could apply to other classes. I started to enjoy writing. It was never those dreaded five paragraph essays that no one liked, he allowed us to have fun with our work and get to know what kind of pieces we enjoy to write.

Writing Changed Me

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