The Razzling Dazzling Lady Gaga

In ‘Lavish Worlds and the headwear to Match’, Jon Pareles uses many different techniques such as creative word choices and descriptive writing to grab the attention of both young and old audiences who are interested in music.

Pareles starts off the text by using a verity of different words to describe Lady Gaga’s performance at Radio City. He uses select words such as “thumping, strobing, and razzle-dazzle”(Pareles 18). He wants to convince people how uplifting her shows are. By using theses fun words Jon Pareles is hoping to grab the attention of young readers. It targets young people because the word choice is not very extreme. You do not need any type of background to understand what this is about.

Pareles also targets older people in this text. He makes references to older people such as David Bowie and Madonna. By comparing how both Bowle and Madonna are alike with Lady Gaga he hopes to gain more fans for her.

Jon Pareles describes Lady Gaga’s costumes as skimpy and glittery. As that targets most young teenagers, it also grabs the attention of young men.

This text is a very visual piece of work. Her costumes and headwear were described in detail. She has gone from wearing Egyptian-deity golden armor, antlers, and chauffer hat, and a black hood. Her headpieces had nothing to do with her actual songs. Her clothing is flashy and unusual. She has worn many different things ranging from glittery and short to even a meat costume.

The writer Jon Parales is writing for many reasons. He wants to persuade the reader to understand how great Lady Gaga is. He shows us that Lady Gaga also helps out the community around her. He said “her stage persona veered from kindly-urging fellow misfits to follow their dreams, announcing that procedes from her January 24 show would be donated to Haiti relief” (Pareles 19). He wants to explain to us how she is talented in many ways. She was nominated for a Grammy; she has a strong enough voice for a cappella singing, and she knows how to play piano.

People would be interested in this article if they wanted to lean more about Lady Gaga. They would learn about her background, style of music and talent. They would understand how she is as a person. Lady Gaga does not care what others think of her.

This piece of writing by Jon Pareles is considered an informative piece. Throughout the whole article he continues to explain Lady Gaga’s success and life style. He shows how she is not like everyone else but that she is her own person.

Susan Blau Kathryn Burak “Writing in the Works”

Jon Pareles. Lavish Worlds, and the Headwear to Match, 2010. 18-19. Print

The Razzling Dazzling Lady Gaga

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